in the age of AI

We detect AI-generated images to protect the integrity and authenticity of your service.


AI-generated spam, abuse, and fraud is on the rise.

* User-generated content platforms are contending with an increased amount of fraud, deepfakes, and inauthentic content.

wasted handling
deepfakes annually

AI or Human? The Line Has Never Been Finer.

Advanced models generate content that appears authentic and convincingly human-like, making it difficult for established systems to distinguish between genuine human-authored artifacts and AI-generated content.

Use AI to get ahead of AI

Our algorithms stay ahead of the accelerating changes in AI content generation. Our research team is at the forefront of building scalable models to detect AI-generated content.

A Zero PII Environment

Many existing systems compromise user privacy by collecting and utilizing personal data without clear consent. We believe in privacy-first solutions.

Simple to adopt and integrate

Our API allows integrators to quickly and easily leverage state-of-the-art AI models so you can focus on your business.

We work with your stack.

Whether you are a moderation or fraud detection platform, a user-generated content platform with existing abuse mitigation infrastructure, or don’t yet have a solution to spam and abuse—we provide integrations that work with your stack.

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AI generated: A camel with one head and two bodies.
A camel drinking water in the desert.

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